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Thursday 24 June 2010, by Serge

CIP participants in the 5 countries undertook cooperative investigation on their chosen governance themes. This research effort in itself allowed the stakeholders (national, regional and local representatives of civil society or the State, as well as technical specialists) to test out an inclusive governance approach. They practiced a new style of relations, reframing RWM issues to address the stakes, concerns, perspectives and goals of the different player categories.

In France, the cooperative research allowed an exchange of views and knowledge on implementing reversibility, identifying major issues on which players then expressed their expectations.

FRANCE - report in English / rapport en français

In Romania, strides were made in empowering local stakeholders to participate in decision making, now and in the long term. The group looked at roles for local players in vigilance over nuclear and waste installations and their potential health and environmental impacts.

ROMANIA - report in English / Română raport

In Spain, stakeholders examined the economic development that should accompany the siting of a storage facility. Materials were developed to support mayors in talking with their community about technical and social concerns.

SPAIN - report in English / informe español

In Slovenia, where local siting partnerships exist, evaluating and developing the role of citizens in RWM decision making was at the heart of investigations.

SLOVENIA - report in English / Slovensko poročilo

In the United Kingdom, addressing the complex question of ‘defining an affected community’ was highly pertinent in the current stage of the national siting process, and provided an opportunity for stakeholders to dialogue across borders.

UNITED KINGDOM - report in English

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