A Cooperative Research on the governance of radioactive waste management

National Case Study of the COWAM in Practice (CIP) project in the UK

Thursday 24 June 2010, by Serge

CIP UK is funded under Framework Six of the European Union and by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

Westlakes Scientific Consulting Limited (WSCL) are the National facilitators of this project in the UK and have written this report on behalf of the national stakeholder group as a record of the CIP project activity, lessons, impact and future potential in the United Kingdom. This document is based on reflection occurring within the UK NSG (National Stakeholder Group) between involved stakeholders, and the experiences of the National Facilitators.

This case study, then, records the experiences of CIP in the UK in four broad areas:
- Background - Providing background to the CIP project
- Inception - Detailing the background to the NSG and the research topics identified for co-operative research
- Operation - Exploring the operation of the project in the UK, including materials presented to the NSG and the activities that took place
- Future - Finally, a consideration of the impact of CIP project in the UK and the future potential for continuing co-operative research.

The underlying stakes which framed the CIP project in the United Kingdom, particularly the UK Government policies for the management of higher and lower activity radioactive wastes, are detailed to frame the content of this case study and the project as a whole in the UK.

The outputs of CIP, as a co-operative research project, are explored in terms of how they were developed co-operatively with the NSG, with particular reference to the two research areas which the UK NSG identified as the top priorities for the research ‘arm’ of the project, the Methodological Task Force (MTF). These areas, identified by the UK NSG, in summary are:
- Thinking of both existing and new nuclear sites, who defines a community, and how do they do it?
- How do you define a scale of benefits that contributes to the sustainability and enhancement of a community?

These questions formed the basis for two research briefs developed by organisations in the UK, in collaboration with the UK and other countries NSGs in the CIP project, in the areas of ‘defining an affected community’ and ‘community benefit packages’.

Finally, in taking an overview of the project, this Prospective Case Study document provides insights into the operation of this co-operative research project in the UK, delivering the insights of the NSG and the National Facilitators, plus providing the possibilities for the continuation of co-operative research.

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UK report

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