A Cooperative Research on the governance of radioactive waste management


Latest addition – Friday 8 June 2007.

Governance issues on radioactive waste governance in the Spanish context are currently strongly focused on the siting process of the interim waste storage facility, as put forward in the 6th General Radioactive Waste Management Plan approved on 23 June 2006.

In April 2006 the Government set up an Inter-ministerial Commission which was created through the Royal Decree 775/2006 and is in charge of preparing the decision-making process for the interim storage. This Inter-ministerial Commission is supported by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) in order to aid in the definition of the basic criteria that must fulfil the siting of the interim storage facility and an associated Technological Centre, and to facilitate the necessary information to all the organisations willing to learn in greater depth about the project.

In this regard, an information process began in June 2006 for municipalities and interested parties to request information. Thus, during the development the CIP project (2007-2009) the Interministerial Commission in charge of preparing the decision-making process for the interim storage undertook an information process which begun in June 2006 and closed in February 2008. For this purpose, the Inter-ministerial Commission launched a web site (www.emplazamientoatc.es). Thus, information could be requested via web, telephone or post.

This context has framed the Spanish national analysis developed throughout the project. Therefore, the questions addressed by the Spanish National Stakeholder Group in the CIP Project are mainly related to the current specific national context regarding the siting of an interim storage facility.

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