A Cooperative Research on the governance of radioactive waste management


Latest addition – Friday 14 December 2007.

In parallel with CIP, there are two other "governance projects" in the nuclear waste management area of the 6th Framework programme.

A common web portal www.radwastegovernance.eu links to the three projects and a common newsletter will be regularly released to inform of the current progress of the three projects.

  • ARGONA Project

    The acronym ARGONA stands for "Arenas for Risk Governance" and the project investigates how approaches of transparency and deliberation relate to each other and also how they relate to the political system in which decisions are ultimately taken. The project studies the role played by mediators, who facilitate public engagement with nuclear waste management issues. Furthermore, the project investigates how good risk communication can be organized taking cultural aspects and different arenas into account. In a central part of the project major efforts are made to test and apply approaches to transparency and participation by using the RISCOM model and other approaches within different cultural and organizational settings. Finally, the ARGONA partners develop guidelines for the application of novel approaches that will enhance real progress in nuclear waste management programmes.

  • European Observatory for long-term governance on radioactive waste management: About OBRA

    The main objective of OBRA is to assess the feasibility of creating a platform for long-term governance on radioactive waste management in Europe. The development of an observatory design proposal includes:
    - Definition of the mission, objectives and strategy of the observatory
    - Workshop for decisions on topics, scope, methods & tools for access to information and expertise
    - Preparation of background material for implementation of a pilot observatory.

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