A Cooperative Research on the governance of radioactive waste management

DOWNLOAD CIP European-level Guidelines for the Inclusive Governance of Radioactive Waste Management

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EU Guidelines

Other deliverables are available here

CIP (Community Waste Management In Practice) is a research action gathering a wide spectrum of stakeholders from five European countries, interested in how society should manage the radioactive wastes that result from nuclear power production and/or from medical, military or industrial applications.

CIP set up a process allowing each national group to identify issues important for the good governance of radioactive waste management (RWM) in their own context, and to conduct cooperative research into these issues.

CIP considered not only ‘greenfield’ siting of new waste management installations, but also how stakeholders can contribute to improving all aspects of RWM, now and over the long term.

These Guidelines represent the principal messages and ideas from CIP delivered to Europe-27.

The CIP process – and these Guidelines – are meant to help prepare the way for more inclusive governance of RWM in Europe.

Cowam in Practice (CIP) - 2007-2009 - Jointly funded by the European Commission (contract FI6W-036455) and institutions in the five participating countries. Coordinated by MUTADIS.

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